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Albrechtstraße 52
12167 Berlin,

best restauirant-678-412Restaurant is simply eating place where lot of people gather and do the best and simplest yet complex thing in life, i.e. eating either alone or family or friends. People have lot of choices regarding food, every different personality differs not only with their appearance but also with their different taste. Some like salty, while some prefer sweet, some go for sour while some look forward for spicy. People keep experimenting on their taste and restaurants. As it is said „human being can never ever be satisfied“, for the satisfaction of the taste people do experiment and when they get the best from the rest they always look forward for their choice of place.

When the topic arises about the Best Nepali Restaurant in Berlin, then the first name that appears is Muna Restaurant, located in Albrechtstraße 52, 12167 Berlin, Germany. Muna Restaurant has been successful in satisfying the need of the best taste and best restaurant services in Germany. The journey of serving amazing dishes starts every day from 12:00 and served till 23:00. One can enjoy the cuisine between this time periods and have pleasure of the mouthwatering taste.

Muna Restaurant serves all daily specials with rend lentil soup, rice and salad. Daily specials are served from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 17:00 o’clock except on holidays. Food Menu of the restaurant includes food categories like: Fish Specialties, Grilled Specialties, Shahi Menu, Scampi Karahi and more. Likewise, Drink Menu of the restaurant includes categories like: Bitters, Bottled Wines, Non Open Wines, Spirits, Wine Spritzer and more. Muna Restaurant is very popular for the Nepalese dishes; its specialties are under categories like Vegetarian Dishes, Chicken Dishes and more. Daily Specials include appetizing dishes like: Palak Panir, Mixed Sabji, Mutton Curry and more.

Behind the success of every Restaurant there are some pillars and the pillars are the staffs, team members and the person connected with it. They work very hard and give their best input to get the best output. The services provided by the staffs are very well mannered and well organized. The online reservation facility helps to book the tables before visiting the place and it will be convenient for both the customers and the restaurant as well.