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A. contains cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, etc.) .
B. contains shellfish and crustacean products
C. contains eggs or egg products
D.contains fish or fish products·
E. contains peanuts or peanut products·
F. contains soy or soy products
G. contains milk or milk products (lactose) .
H. contains nuts or their products (almond, hazelnut, walnut, chashew nuts, pecan, Brazil nut,
pistachio, macadamia, Queensland nut) .
I. contains celery or celery products·
J. contains mustard or mustard products
K. contains sesame seeds or sesame seeds products·
L. contains sulfur dioxide and suiphites .
M. contains lupine or products thereof
N. molluscs (mollusks) or products there of


1. with colouring agent·
2. cajfeinated ‘
3. with antioxidont
4. acidifying agent·
5. with preservative .
6. artificial sweetener·
7. phenylalanine
8. quinine·
9. stabilizers·
10. foamed up with nitrous oxide
11. taurin .
12. contains sulfite·
13. blackened·
14. flavor enhancers

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