Tischreservierung : 030 94 51 55 55
Albrechtstraße 52
12167 Berlin,

Aperitif: mango champagne
Vorspeise: Mulligatawny-Suppe (A, G) Indian curry cream soup with chicken
Hauptspeisen: Tandoori Chicken (G, l) chicken in yogurt and saffron sauce, 24 hours marinated and grilled with spices
Mutton Masala (G) lamb with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes and green peppers
Chili Panir (G, 1) (scharf) fried Indian cream cheese with onions, ginger and peppers, Indian style (hot)
Desserts: Mixed Fruits (G, 4)
Beilagen: served with rice, bread and salad